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One couple found a creative way to counter-protest pro-lifers



One Raleigh, N.C., couple—Grayson Haver Currin, a writer for Pitchfork and music editor at Indy Week, and his wife Tina, a copywriter and creative strategist—has been protesting alongside pro-lifers at a clinic in Cary, N.C., every Saturday morning since March. But their signs take a different approach.”

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J:  Love this!!!

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Oh please please tell me they had Starlord make laser noises while shooting bad guys in this film.

I’d be a bit disappointed If they didn’t at least keep some Starlord blaster noises for the outtakes.

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Prompts for Pie 17: Running with Steve, Sam and Carol


“You know what I like best about running with Captain America?” Carol Danvers asked.

“No, what do you like best about running with Captain America?” Sam Wilson replied, grinning

“This isn’t going to end well for me, is it?” Steve Rogers said. They both ignored him, which took…

I started imagining this with Katee Sackhoff but the recent Agents of Shield news had me substitute Lucy Lawless half way through….either one works pretty damn well.